“Unleash your creative potential" 
...while developing professional skills and standards


Als gepassioneerd ontwerper met ervaring in productontwerp en interieur, heb ik mijn horizon verbreed naar marketingcommunicatie en design. Met leidinggevende rollen bij diverse bedrijven heb ik waardevolle ervaring opgedaan in het managen, begeleiden en coachen van designteams, grote projecten en individuele ontwerpers

Als art director en later als creatief directeur heb ik diverse klanten bediend bij verschillende bureaus, waarbij ik verantwoordelijk was voor de creatieve output. Mijn expertise omvat conceptueel denken, ideeontwikkeling, procesmatig ontwerpen, storytelling en het presenteren van werk aan klanten. 

Ik deel deze praktische kennis met mijn studenten, zodat ze ontwerpers worden die snel verbanden leggen en begrijpen wat er van hen wordt verwacht in een professionele omgeving. Als trainer in creativiteit en professionalisering richt ik me op het ontwikkelen van vaardigheden en mindset die nodig zijn voor zowel creatieve expressie als professionele uitmuntendheid.

"Let's create something amazing together!"

Wat ik doe

Ik organiseer workshops en trainingen om creatieve technieken, probleemoplossingsstrategieën en professionele ontwikkeling aan te leren. Ook bied ik individuele coaching aan creatieven om hun vaardigheden te verbeteren, obstakels te overwinnen 

en hun professionele doelen te bereiken. Ik geef constructieve feedback op creatieve projecten en professionele prestaties om groei en verbetering te stimuleren. Daarnaast fungeer ik als mentor voor opkomende creatieven, begeleid hen bij het navigeren door de professionele wereld en help hen hun talenten te ontwikkelen.


Wat studenten vinden

Arif Emre Lale
25-05-24 16:14:01
Before attending the Media Design course i though it would be hard, but it opened a new level for me to develop myself and using these skills for the business i want to start in the future. André was incredibly dedicated and made me see design and problem-solving in a new way. The course was challenging but very rewarding, helping me become more professional and creative. I highly recommend to work or get a course from André, even though it's demanding.
Amy van Doorn
30-03-24 10:40:24
I took part of the Media Design course that Andre teaches at United POP Amsterdam. Andres class is very hands on, and practical; truly preparing you for what the real world looks like. I enjoyed various projects we were assigned and felt like my skills really developed, all thanks to Andre. What I really appreciate from Andres teaching style is that he makes you feel included and that your ideas matter even if you're just starting in this industry. I will take Andres lessons with me for many years to come and am truly so grateful for being able to take his course at United POP.
Lina Georgieva
12-03-24 21:15:22
Before I enrolled in the Media Design course at United Pop Academy, my interest in graphic and media design was non-existent. However, six months later, I'm on the brink of integrating these skills into my business model—a testament to the transformative education I received.

The course, led by a remarkably dedicated instructor, was demanding and challenging at every turn. It required not just the memorization of techniques but a profound reevaluation of how I perceive design, problem-solving, and creative expression. This journey reshaped my skills, honed my creativity, and profoundly impacted my professional outlook.

Under his guidance, I learned to approach problems with a designer's mindset, considering not just the aesthetics but the functionality, the message, and the impact of my work. His teaching methods fostered an environment of relentless improvement and perpetual learning. The insights provided were deeply professional, offering industry perspectives I couldn't have accessed elsewhere.

I am profoundly grateful for this experience. My instructor's commitment to excellence and unique teaching style have unequivocally made me a better professional. The lessons learned have altered my approach to challenges, my method of communication, and the way I present my work.

To anyone considering this course, be prepared for a demanding journey with invaluable rewards. My instructor at United Pop Academy has had a transformative impact on me, for which I am deeply thankful.
Abdul Naous
08-03-24 10:20:08
My skills have improved dramatically after the course with Andry at Media Design. How do I think like a designer, add the right values, and present them effectively? I enjoyed all the tasks he gave me and I discovered myself more with Andrey and developed my skills more effectively.
Bethany Coleman
17-01-24 16:38:29
I had the absolute pleasure of having Andre as my Media Designer teacher and as a colleague at school. Andre's passion for design and way of teaching goes far beyond what is asked of him. His assignments were practical, fun and very hands-on. He put me in scenarios that graphic designers face every day but don't get the opportunity to learn in school, such as brainstorming as a team, or reenacting meetings with a potential client but your laptop is not working, so you must think quickly and out of the box, switching from digital to analogue. These seemingly small but very vital lessons taught me how to be more prepared for possible real-world scenarios and how to handle them professionally and with ease. I am very grateful for everything he taught me. I highly recommend Andre as a teacher and know that any school he teaches at would be very fortunate and would only benefit from having him on their team
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